When a man unable to cause pregnancy is medically termed as male infertility. A long unprotected relationship with the fertile female is officially known as fertile problem among men. There are millions of infertility cases are belongs to men and this happened due to the deficiency of semen, no sperm, fever sperm etc. Now I am going to explain about the factors and conditions that triggered the infertility in any age. Most of men only know that low quality or poor quality of sperm triggered this condition. Here are the sperm related problems such as:-

Asthenozoospermia: - Sperm motility problem
Azoospermia: - Complete absence of sperm (You canít see with naked eye)
Aspermia: - Lack of semen or poor semen
Teratospermia: - Abnormal morphology
Oligozoospermia: - Low count of sperm

Apart from that, there are various problems that triggered the fertile problems such as Varicocele, Generic defects, malaria, testicular cancers, smoking addiction, ejaculation problem, erectile dysfunction etc. Remember that impotence is treatable with use of online Viagra drug which is always prescribed by the physician.

Diagnosis: - In few infertility cases, the treatment is possible but need to approach a professional physician. You physician will definitely indentify the causes of infertility and for that you have to discuss about your medical history. Physical examination, blood sample and semen analysis are the best ways to find out the root causes for the male infertility.