Are you excited to start a family but have absolutely zero idea why is it just not happening? If you are a male who is sexually active and having a good romantic life, but unable to get lucky being a father then you might be infertile. I know many men reading this article will stop right here or some men might take the efforts to keep reading till they find it is not bothering them so much. To all those men out there, I want to share something. Yes, there is a thing called male infertility and infertile men do exist. There is nothing to be ashamed of it or feel less manly about it. It is all similar to a woman suffering from fertility issues.

Studies have concluded that in most of the cases, the male partner is accountable for not having a baby. In the United States, if the statistics to be believed, male infertility affects almost 10 million men. And a large chunk of this population just not ready to accept this bitter fact. This article will provide you a brief insight on the not-so-talked issue in depth and will also educate you about the treatment options available.
Here are the most common reasons that are responsible for causing male infertility:

It develops when the vein in the scrotum area swells and enlarges in size. This condition is known to affect the motility of sperms and also reduces the sperm count. Needless to say, it is a major reason for male infertility.

Low Sperm Count
It is one of the most common reasons for male impotence. 20 million sperms per one milliliter of semen indicate a healthy sperm count. However, when it gets reduced to 10 million sperms or fewer than that, your chances increases to develop fertility issues.

Abnormal Testicular Development
This condition develops when the normal X and Y chromosomes transform as two X and one Y. It is genetic and often runs in the family. Abnormally developed testicles show low sperm production and low production of testosterone hormone which contribute in the male infertility.

Abnormal Shape and Motility of Sperm
Motility is a sperm's ability to move and swim toward the egg. When the man is having a genetic trouble and due to which he is not able to produce healthy sperms with greater motility, he might suffer from male infertility problems.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
STDs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea are responsible for affecting the quality of sperm. These infections also block the pathway for sperms to reach the egg.
Apart from that, erectile dysfunction condition also triggered infertility but you can sustain erection with the help of drug like Generic Viagra 100mg. It is a safe medication and only available after the prescription from a doctor.

How to treat male infertility
The treatment depends on what has caused male infertility. If it has developed due to Varicocele, then surgery is recommended. If it is because of infections then it has to be treated with antibiotics. In certain cases, hormonal replacement therapies work. When nothing gives hope, the last option is IVF (in vitro fertilization). It does not cure the illness but it helps couples achieve pregnancy even if the male partner's sperm count is very low.