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    when I started doing IVF in 1985 the pregnancy rate at the most successful program in the country was 15% with transferring 6 embroyos at a time as a result we experienced many high order multiple pregnancies that did not always end well. Thankfully, today IVF is so much more successful and we can achieve pregnancies in greater than 60% of retrievals for women under 40.

    in an effort to encourage safer single embryo transfer we introduced a program in 2007 at East Coast Fertility for patients who transferred one embryo at a time we offered free cryopreservation, storage and frozen embryo transfers until a live baby was born.

    still it was not a common option chosen by patients. There was no significant difference in pregnancy rates between patients who chose to transfer one embryo vs.those who chose to transfeer two embryos. there was a trend however towards higher rates for the two embryo transfer group that was practically eliminated when frozen embryo transfers were added. these groups were age matched with no difference except for a 40% twin rat and one triplet in the two embryo transfer group compared to the single embryo transfeer group who had no twins.

    It is hoped that these results will encourage more good prognosis patients to transfer the safer single embryo.

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    I had wonderful time out a Peconic. Great food, weather and company. Oh, and drink too.

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