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Thread: Natural Fertility Clinic in Southern California

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    Natural Fertility Clinic in Southern California

    Clear Passage Physical Therapy currently has three locations throughout the United States in Gainesville, FL, Ames, IA, and Laguna Hills, CA. These clinics provide a natural fertility treatment using a hands-on physical therapy known as the Wurn Technique?. This technique has proven results in increasing fertility and opening blocked fallopian tubes. We have a 71 percent success rate of patients conceiving naturally and a 61 percent success rate in opening blocked fallopian tubes following treatment at Clear Passage.

    Adhesions (or scarring) are a leading cause of female infertility and the primary cause of blocked fallopian tubes. Adhesions can form anywhere in the body and generally form following a trauma or surgery. When they form within the delicate structures of the female reproductive tract, they tend to glue down structures that are designed to move freely. Adhesion formation is the first step in the body?s healing process. Adhesions surround areas as they heal, with strong glue-like fibres that create tiny but powerful bonds. Adhesions or scarring anywhere in the pelvis can cause pain or infertility.

    Adhesions and scarring form after injury, surgery, inflammation or trauma. Pelvic adhesions can attach to nearby organs and tissues with strong glue-like bonds that can decrease normal movement and function of the reproductive organs. This restricted movement and function is often a cause of infertility.

    Endometriosis (left) and adhesions (right) are two of the fertility related conditions addressed by the Wurn Technique?

    Belinda Wurn, PT treats a patient with the Wurn Technique?, a manual physical therapy which has been shown to reduce adhesions, decrease pain, and improve reproductive function, in peer-reviewed medical journals.

    For more information about our success rates and treatment, please visit Fertility Treatment Center - Natural Fertility Treatment - Clear Passage Physical Therapy

    Please visit the video below to learn how this hands-on therapy can increase fertility.

    Our California clinic is located in Laguna Hills. It is situated on the coast of California in Orange County between Los Angeles and San Diego and only fifteen miles from the John Wayne Airport (SNA). This area offers small town atmosphere and charm, but the many attributes of the larger cities are still easily accessible.

    For questions or information, please call 352.336.1433 or email

    Ashlynn Northcutt
    Clear Passage Physical Therapy
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