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Thread: Opening Blocked Fallopian Tubes with a Manual Physical Therapy

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    Opening Blocked Fallopian Tubes with a Manual Physical Therapy

    A study published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine in 2008 shows the success of a manual physical therapy, known as the Wurn Technique?, in opening blocked fallopian tubes.

    Free book chapter on Natural Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes Ch6 Blocked Fallopian Tubes.pdf

    This unique therapy is a completely hands on treatment that requires no drugs and no surgery. Women who received this treatment reported natural pregnancies in the following months after therapy. In the image below, Belinda Wurn, co-founder of the Wurn Technique?, treats abdominal adhesions. Adhesions have been known to cause fertility issues by decreasing regular function of the reproductive organs and causing blockage and obstruction.

    The success rates of this study are as follows:

    61% success rate opening blocked fallopian tubes
    53% natural intrauterine pregnancy rate for the patent patients
    66% patency (one or both tubes open) rate for patients with proximal blockage
    50% patency rate for patients with distal blockage
    40% patency rate for patients with mid-tubal blockage
    80% patency rate for patients with combination blockage

    To read the entire study, visit
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