Hello everyone!
So I received a phone call from you guys, East Coast Fertility, and I spoke to someone about my options. She basically told me what you guys on here told me. That MicroIVF is the way to go for me. It honestly sounds great. I'm all for it. Now I had 2 questions for her that slipped my mind to ask at the time. My first question is, what is the success rate for someone in my catagory? I am 31, nearly 32. I had my tubes tied in 2001, when I was 21 which was just under 11 years ago. Before I had my tubes tied, I had 3 pregnancies, all healthy, and all 3 babies were term. Never had a miscarriage, or a high risk pregnancy. All 3 children are about 2 years apart. Now my second question is about the cost. I know it is $3900. What I want to know is what payment options are available. I will not be going through insurance. Ive seen in other fertility places that the have a payment program where you make monthly payments until the cost is paid and THEN you start when the full amount is paid. Kind of like a savings program. Do you guys do anything like this?